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watch me work through eternity

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Feb. 10th, 2009 | 07:21 pm
music: Sarah Slean - After the War

Hope all my eljay friends in Australia and their families are safe and sound. ♥

Oh man. I've been slagging this movie for a few months (Passchendaele -- Canadians know what I'm talking about), mostly because it irritated Steve so much, but we made a deal that I would watch it with him if he watched Pan's Labyrinth with me which is only my most favourite movie of all time (sob), and since we made a deal, I knew at some point I had to follow through. I did so this weekend.

I knew a lot about Passchendaele going in: Total Paul Gross vanity project in which he wore no less than FIVE hats (writer; actor; producer; director; song writer! holy motherfucker, give someone else a job!). Based on the true story of his grandparents during WWI. Premiered at TIFF. I knew most of this because Steve is one of those guys who knows something about everything, especially if that something is Canadian, so of course he saw the film in theatres when it came out, and of COURSE he bought it on DVD immediately.

I wanted to hate it. I really wanted to. And there were things to dislike about it. Firstly and most importantly, who the living FUCK cast the guy from Train 48 to be in this very serious movie, and how does that casting director even have a career??? Secondly, there were some lines of pure cheese that made me groan and laugh at inappropriate times, and that's never good, especially in a war film cinematizing a historial event of Canadiana (though of course we were British subjects at the time). BUT. I couldn't hate it. I even liked it. A lot. And now, despite how much his arrogance pisses me off (what -- does he believe so highly in his own abilities that he felt completely qualified to write, direct, star and produce in the biggest budget Canadian film of all time, come on), fangirlgushasklfksdfomgilovepaulgrossnowsqueeee!

Yeah. I realize now he's been seducing me all my life. First, he was on that show so every now and then I'd see him on television. Then he did that curling movie (Canadians know the one) which my brother was an extra in and won $1000 for. I know, clearly a harbinger of things to come! Then I start dating a guy who has a major mancrush on him. Then my brother works on the official site for his movie and when it premieres at TIFF, it has its big debut at my university in the same theatre where I used to learn stuff like the fallibility (sp?) of eyewitness testimony. THEN, just when I've completely made up my mind that this movie is going to suck even though I haven't seen it, I actually like it! I KNOW, RIGHT? And now I'm thinking there might be something to this "do it all myself" thing. I mean, look at the music track of this post! I actually like the bloody song! *grumbles*

Sigh. I hope it passes. Worst part is, if I admit it to Steve, he'll make fun of me. Best part is, if I admit it to Steve, he'll love me moar (that's what he's like, weirdo, and it would be the truth to admit it anyway so why not). Fortunately, if he's gets too obnoxious about it, I know how to set him straight. I'll just go on and on and ON about PG until Steve gets irritated at my fangirlyness and tell me to stop. And in the meantime, maybe I can find some Due South reruns on TV to satisfy my momentary craving? Yay Mounties funtimes???

(One thing though: Passchendaele being the true story of his grandparents', this means when Michael and Sara had sex at the field hospital for the one and only time, Paul Gross was at that moment playing his grandfather, um, doing his grandmother. Right? So he was playing his grandfather...doing his grandmother...at the moment when she would have conceived his father. The ickness factor there is off the charts, am I right?)

wait one more thing

Sadness. Katie and TR are both leaving for sure?? I realize I was in the minority shipping George/Izzie but for awhile, I really loved that show and that pairing -- moreso before it actually became canon, but even now, I still held out the tiniest glimmer of hope TPTB would let them be BFFs again. Guess that won't happen. And wow, it will suck if their exit storylines aren't really one and the same. BUT HAY, at least I'll finally no longer have to convince myself to watch it.

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from: wasabi_girl1
date: Feb. 11th, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)

George/Izzie still owns my heart. Once they screwed up their characters, I stopped watching. :(

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