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eucalyptus's Journal

down and out
well behaved women rarely make history

Canadian girl in the suburbs, yearning for wilderness. I have a fandom journal at soulofthevine for fic and graphics. This is my personal journal. Forgive the layout 99.9999% of the time. Just not right now as it is by spire.

canada health care

If you are visiting my journal in order to ask about membership at dmhgficexchange, please read that community's userinfo. All information on how to become a member is there. In a nutshell, you need to have an age statement in the userinfo of your journal, and you need to reply to a specific post in the community telling us you are older than 18. If you aren't over 18 or if you don't do those things, we will not send you an invitation to be a member. Please don't comment on my journal or send me a msg about membership. This is my personal journal and I want to keep it separate from exchange business. I'm very sorry but I simply won't respond.

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